Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)

The Master’s in Linguistics specialisation in Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English) at Leiden University is best characterised by linguistic and cultural mediation. Language and culture cannot be separated. Interpreters and translators are linguistic and cultural mediators, whether they are translating a notarial document for a foreigner, subtitling an episode of Game of Thrones, or translating the latest novel by Nicki French.

Translators working in Dutch and English have at their disposal a wide variety of reference works, information sources and translation tools, both in print and online. In our special Translator’s Tools course, you will learn to put dictionaries and grammar, corpora and electronic translation tools to good use.
As a university-trained translator, one of your most important assets is your ability to apply knowledge of auxiliary disciplines, both linguistic (syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics) and non-linguistic (culture studies, genre studies, comparative law), to specific translation problems.

Choose Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English) at Leiden University:

  • Learn how to translate from English to Dutch and vice versa. Many translation theorists and teachers focus on how to translate into your own language. At Leiden, we believe there is as much demand for translators from Dutch to English and thus teach translation “both ways”.
  • Experience a stimulating approach to learning in which translation theory and practice are interwoven.
  • Acquire the skills to translate texts on a wide variety of topics, with a focus on one of three fascinating areas of specialised translation: legal, literary or multimedial translation.
  • Learn from highly experienced translators with close contacts in the field.
  • Earn a qualification that will not only pave the way to a wide range of jobs, but entry into the national register of sworn interpreters and translators.
  • Practise with the latest translation tools.

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Master details

  • This is a specialisation of: Linguistics
  • Degree Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Mode of study Full-time, part-time. Non-EU/EEA students must study full-time.
  • Duration 1 year (full-time); 1,5 year (part-time)
  • Start date September, February
  • Language of instruction English, Dutch
  • Location Leiden
  • Croho/isat code 60815

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