Social and Organisational Psychology


The specialisation consists of coursework, an internship and a master’s thesis.

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Master details

  • This is a specialisation of: Psychology
  • Degree Master of Science in Psychology
  • Mode of study Full-time
  • Duration 1 year
  • Start date September and February
  • Language of instruction English
  • Location Leiden
  • Croho/isat code 66604

What our alumni say

Philippe van den Berge, MSc

“After completing my mandatory internship, at Maes & Lunau Executive Search, I was offered a job at this head-hunting consultancy.”

“Before starting my studies I had already set my mind on working in the business world. I read the programmes for the master’s and found the content of the S&O master’s interesting as I thought it would give me the right tools for success in my future endeavours. I hoped the master’s programme would be challenging, and that’s exactly what it was.

After completing my mandatory internship at Maes & Lunau Executive Search, I was offered a job there, which I decided to accept. Maes & Lunau is a headhunting consultancy. I didn’t know much about the headhunting business, but the company turned out to be one of the top five executive search consultancies in the Netherlands. We handle positions which vary from senior management to board room level for listed companies, family businesses, mid and small-sized companies, and healthcare organisations.

My task is to find the best fit between the profile we are looking for and the profile of a possible candidate. The question I need to ask myself is whether a candidate would fit within the organisational culture of a company. This is where my psychology background comes into use. Looking back, the courses on culture and diversity and the social psychology of organisational behaviour gave me a particular perspective on how I analyse and approach this task.

The S & O master’s brought me closer to achieving my goals because here I am: playing a role in a company at the top of its business sector.”

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