Philosophy, Politics and Economics

We live in a world that faces urgent challenges: political upheaval, climate change, and struggles over resources and beliefs within a world globalised by capital mobility and the information revolution. The master’s specialisation in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Leiden University teaches you to use rigorous philosophical inquiry to grasp these challenges and rethink your responses to them.

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics master’s programme is among the first of its kind in continental Europe to be offered at master’s level. It stimulates you to creatively and critically reflect on such key questions as global justice and the nation-state, the nature of global capitalism and the changing nature of political activism.

Choose Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Leiden University:

  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Leiden is a unique interdisciplinary master’s programme, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to reach advanced levels of competence.
  • Leiden’s PPE programme will challenge received ideas about the nation-state, democracy, justice and political agency via cutting-edge thinking in philosophy, political theory and political economy.
  • The programme makes full use of Leiden’s proximity to The Hague, a major national and international site of decision-making and action, to give you access to the available expertise and our university’s network.
  • There is a strong and growing demand for graduates with advanced critical competences bridging the fields of politics, philosophy and economics.

This unique programme operates at the frontier of the PPE disciplines, providing state-of-the-art core courses and electives. It will provide you with the skills sets you need to be able to critically consider the conduct of public affairs and to intervene in dynamic and creative ways.

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Master details

  • This is a specialisation of: Philosophy (60EC)
  • Degree Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • Mode of study Full-time, part-time. Non-EU/EEA students must study full-time.
  • Duration 1 year (2 years in part-time study)
  • Start date September, February
  • Language of instruction English
  • Location Leiden
  • Croho/isat code 60822

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