Philosophy of Political Science

The Philosophy of Political Science master’s specialisation at Leiden University aims at philosophical reflection on the (foundations of the) Political and Administrative sciences as well as their application.

This reflection is rooted in two types of concerns. First, there are methodological concerns. Are social structures better conceived of as systems of laws and forces, or as webs of meanings and practices? Is social action better viewed as rational behaviour, or as self-expression? And is the proper aim of the social sciences to explain the social world in a manner devised for the natural world, or should we aim to understand the social world from within? These questions and others are the topic of Philosophy of Social Science I.

The second type of concern is normative. What is a just society? How should we evaluate the institutions that govern our everyday lives? How do freedom and equality relate? And also, what type of agent is presupposed by all this? These questions come up in the second specialist course, Philosophy of Social Science II.

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Master details

  • This is a specialisation of: Philosophy (120EC)
  • Degree Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • Mode of study Full-time, Part-time. Non-EU/EEA students must study full-time.
  • Duration 2 years (full-time); 4 years (part-time)
  • Start date September, February
  • Language of instruction English
  • Location Leiden
  • Croho/isat code 60823

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