European and International Human Rights Law (Advanced)

This Advanced Master of Laws has two distinguishing features: it takes a comparative approach to regional and global human rights systems and it consistently relates ‘the law in the books’ to ‘the law in action’. This approach allows the programme to provide our students with the flexibility to work in different human rights settings at national and international level and with the ability to choose between different options for promoting human rights in different political, social and cultural environments.

Coexisting human rights systems

In the contemporary world, the coexistence and interaction of regional, national and international legal regimes has become a characteristic feature, which is also true for human rights. In many cases where human rights are at risk, different human rights protection mechanisms may be applicable.
In addition, human rights supervisory bodies increasingly take each other’s work into account, which enhances the development of an all-embracing and cohesive human rights culture. It is for this reason that in this Advanced Master of Laws, you will study human rights law in a comparative perspective.

Renowned human rights experts

Our programme is characterised by small-scale teaching, which encourages intensive interaction between students and lecturers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer contributions from renowned human rights experts who bring the most recent developments and issues to the class room.

A study trip to human rights organisations in Strasbourg and/or Geneva is an integral part of this programme and will add to a genuine understanding of human rights law by helping you to put theory into practice. After graduation, you will have gained the necessary international experience and skills you need to work in the field of human rights law anywhere in the world.

For who?

  • talented law graduates
  • talented graduates with a sufficient background in law

The students in the Advanced Studies programme come from different continents and countries, which contributes to a truly international study environment.

Master details

  • Degree Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in European and International Human Rights Law
  • Mode of study Full-time, single modules
  • Duration 1 year
  • Start date September
  • Language of instruction English
  • Location Leiden

Professor Cees Flinterman

Former member of the UN Human Rights Committee, former member of CEDAW

‘The programme offers a challenging opportunity to genuinely deepen and strengthen knowledge on human rights law and to equip graduates for a meaningful and promising career in human rights either at the domestic or the international level.’

Amelia Bleeker, New Zealand

“A well-organised and comprehensive program that offers an in-depth understanding of human rights law and issues at the pan-European and international levels. I was impressed by the quality of teaching, the interactive style of learning made possible by small class sizes, and the mixture of practical and theoretical components in the courses. The program challenged me to think creatively about the issues facing human rights practitioners today and has provided a solid basis on which I can contribute to tackling these issues in the future.”

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