Develop your expertise in Ancient Egypt with a leading master’s programme. Join the MA Classics and Ancient Civilisations specialisation in Egyptology and acquire a broad and extensive understanding of the linguistic and cultural history of Egypt from the Pharaonic times to Graeco-Roman and Coptic Egypt.

The Egyptology master’s specialisation – the only programme of its kind in the Netherlands – builds on your BA in Egyptology, ancient history, Near Eastern studies or archaeology with a wide range of focused, in-depth topics. Consolidate what you learn in class by experiencing it first-hand during an intensive course on archaeology as practiced in Egypt today.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in Egyptology you will further deepen the knowledge you gained in your BA; if your bachelor’s degree is related to the ancient Mediterranean world, you will follow a more introductory programme.

Choose a Master’s in Egyptology at Leiden University

  • Join an acclaimed master’s programme that has its roots in the 19th century when the city’s National Museum of Antiquities acquired its famous collection of Egyptian antiquities. Benefit from a combination of established knowledge and leading-edge international scholarship.
  • Enjoy a wide range of educational approaches and topics that cover most of the linguistic and cultural history of Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Coptic Egypt and that provide the scope to choose your own area of focus.
  • Learn from academics who are active scholars in the field and whose wide-ranging research activities form an integral part of the educational programme.
  • Connect to one of the world’s largest Egyptological libraries, the library of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), giving you ready access to the library’s extensive materials for your study and research.
  • Experience field and research projects in Egypt, where you will visit excavation sites and research projects in Egypt and learn about the department’s own field and research projects, including excavations at Saqqara and the Dakhla Oasis.

During your master’s, you learn from academics engaged in international research projects. Our staff members are currently co-operating with researchers from universities and research institutes in Germany, Egypt, France, Italy, Poland and the United States, on project topics including:

  • Egyptian art history
  • Egyptian archaeology
  • Egyptian religion
  • Coptic Egypt
  • The social and economic history of Ancient Egypt

It is also possible to study Egyptology within the two-year Research Master’s programme Classics and Ancient Civilisations.

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Master details

  • This is a specialisation of: Classics and Ancient Civilisations
  • Degree Master of Arts in Classics and Ancient Civilisations
  • Mode of study Full-time
  • Duration 1 year
  • Start date September, February
  • Language of instruction English
  • Location Leiden
  • Croho/isat code 60821

Prof. Olaf Kaper

Olaf Kaper

“We offer our master’s students a broad range of opportunities to conduct archaeological research in Egypt.”

“My specialist field is the Graeco-Roman period in Egypt. Starting around 300 BC, there was a transition from Pharaonic culture to modern Hellenistic culture: Egypt then became part of the Eastern Mediterranean world.

I find the process of cultural change fascinating. We are well able to document these changes using all kinds of sources, some of which we ourselves have excavated. Every year I go with a group of master’s students to the Western Desert to carry out research there.

We offer our master’s students a broad range of opportunities to conduct research in Egypt. As early as the second block, they go to Cairo to learn about archaeological research, to visit particular institutions and to meet colleagues.
There is the opportunity for two students – if they are successful in their application – to work in Saqqara on the excavations organised by Leiden’s Egyptology department, in co-operation with the National Museum of Antiquities. Leiden has a long history in the field of Egyptology because of this museum, which, since the start of the nineteenth century has housed a famous collection of Egyptian antiquities.

My specialism is very dynamic. Interesting finds are constantly being made on the many sites under excavation. This is what makes Egyptology so exiting. With their own research and their master’s thesis, master’s students can make a real contribution to this field.”

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