Major Expansion Leiden Quantum Computing

11 May 2017 — The 18.8 million euro NWO Zwaartekracht grant for quantum software which Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden landed collectively, means for Leiden University among others the appointment of two new permanent scientific staff members, who will each form their own research group, divided over Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Capacity building
‘This is exactly the right moment to invest in this kind of research,’ says Carlo Beenakker, Professor in theoretical physics at the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) and initiator of the research proposal. ‘Ten years ago, there was little you could do with quantum computers, and in twenty years from now they will probably already be a reality. With this Zwaartekracht grant we can now build the capacity that gives us an advantage in the future, when hundreds of millions will be invested by the EU and industry. It is essential to start building a consortium now, otherwise you miss the boat.’

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