How to apply

How To Apply


Entry requirements and admission procedure

Every programme or even specialisation has its own entry requirements and admission procedure. To see what procedure applies to that programme and in your specific case, please see the page of the programme you are interested in.

For general “How to apply” rules, take a look at the infographics you can download right here.

Apply Online (online application system)

Students applying for admission to a master’s degree programme at Leiden University can apply online.
Students who have a bachelor’s degree from Leiden University (with exception of Archaeology) and intend to continue in the related master’s programme do not have to apply for admission but can register directly in Studielink.

More information for Dutch students.

Required documents

All the documents required are mentioned in the online application system. The list can also be previewed on the Studying in Leiden website under Required application documents

Application fee

Please note that we can only process your application after proof of payment of the application fee has been received.
For details an exemptions see: Tuition and application fees

Application deadlines

Please see the programme description for the exact application deadline. In general these are the application deadlines for Leiden University.

Admission process

The specific academic entry requirements are provided with each programme. Detailed information on the admission procedure is to be found here.

Further Information

Questions about Studielink or difficulties with registration, contact: Studielink student help desk
How to apply for admission with Leiden University Admissions Office: Apply online
Register as a student and obtain your student ID card: Pre-departure & arrival information

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